Two important building blocks of our barter system

Your business is humming along. Having been in the area for a few years you are still always looking for new growth.  How about getting creative? Let’s take a look BarterFirst International and its offerings to serve that itch.  Below find critical information in understanding two vital building blocks of their barter system.

Building Block 1 of an Orlando Barter System

First thank the BarterFirst team for setting up the company and establishing the respected brand so word could get to you and an
invitation could be made.


You will be sure to catch the bartering bug. The founders of BarterFirst International seized the opportunity in getting the company off the ground and into the sky, flying. That is the first building block. Without it, they can’t get to know you.  And you would agree that connections in business are acritical keys to success.

Building Block 2 of an Orlando Barter System

Then of course the next building block follows.  BarterFirst developed the brand which includes a fascinating business model that makes offerings from hundreds of businesses and all sorts of industries. The concept is powerful.  It is a business-to-business network that offers its members (businesses like you) the ability to trade good and services with other in-network businesses. The beauty of the concept is this, instead of buying goods and services using cash, BarterFirst offers structure around just what the name says.  Their offering? Consider using a system that involves what are called barter bucks. Your business offers goods or services to the BarterFirst large network of businesses and then collects barter  bucks when jobs are completed or goods are delivered. Yes. A different kind of currency that keeps your cash in the bank and instead uses
earned barter bucks.

You will appreciate it and want to use it for sure. Why?  It is simple and a  proven vehicle for business growth.  As well, other businesses who have felt the same join the network. When you trade services or product you get more barter bucks! Then both of you can buy  personal or needed business goods or services from other members. All  without cash!  At BarterFirst International you get you want, can pay for it without cash, and can serve other businesses to get more bucks in your account.
Dream about what you might purchase when going into the vast
BarterFirst network to buy, buy, buy! 

Got your interest peaked?  Come closer. 

Lend your ear here!
BarterFirst International.

BarterFirst International hails from the Metro Orlando Area
and is ready to get going!

Connect with them today and barter away!

BarterFirst International
195 Wekiva Springs Rd.
Suite 226
Longwood, FL. 32779
Tele: (407) 478-3156

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