Orlando Business Bartering System

When putting together a business plan, we recommend that you include bartering as an effective marketing tool.   Other members of your bartering exchange will get exposure to your business that would not otherwise find your business. Not only do other members find your business, but the staff members of the barter exchange act as a member of your sales team by searching for that right connections, where your product/service benefits another member. That introduction leads to opportunities that can expedite opening the doors to your new business. One barter member says he appreciates the barter exchange sales staff, as “they continue to bring new members into their barter network, which gives my business new opportunities for trading.”

At the onset of planning, your business may need a brick and mortar facility; window coverings; tile floors; new plumbing and an office. If you use trade dollars for these items, you may save

cash for personal items, or, put cash into a kitchen remodel, dinners or travel. But, wait. In a barter exchange with over 600 members, chances are, you will find a member who can offer these services, too.

Orlando Business Bartering System

When your small business grows, the barter exchange grows, by accepting multiple businesses in the same field. You may need carpeting for your new business. A barter exchange may include multiple carpeting reps. In the real marketplace, people like choice. Shoppers look, compare, and then buy. A barter exchange serves as a mini-marketplace. You can pick and choose from a number of carpeting reps. Additionally, if your business aligns with the same industry as the carpeting rep members, you may enjoy a stream of constant referrals. Equally, your customers may become the carpeting rep customers.

Small business owners have many alternatives in managing their business in today’s pandemic economic climate. Bartering offers start-ups and small business owners the opportunity to keep the cash flowing.  New business can thrive using the benefits of barter: a sales team, a network of professionals, a referral network and an opportunity to expand markets.

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