How A Community Currency Works

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One of our missions here at BarterFirst International is to regularly broadcast our blog worldwide and educate our readers and new friends.

If this is the first time you have visited, we are glad you did.  Perhaps you are just getting to know us.  Let’s get introduced.

BarterFirst International (us) is a leader in the bartering industry offering our members thousands of potential partnerships with other businesses and individuals worldwide.  Yes, we are global!

Our business model is one of the most utilized and oldest in history.  Our suggestion, “trade it baby.” We want to “wow” our members with access to thousands of business opportunities and community connections from our network.  Do you have a service or product to offer? Members use our powerful network to trade items or services to others while receiving what are called “trade dollars” or our version of community currency.   That member could be you!  If  it’s you then once product is delivered or service is complete you will have buying power using our community currency.  In other words, “trade dollars.”  This eliminates any reason to use your hard-earned cash to facilitate the transaction. 

BarterFirst Community Currency

We mentioned above that this connects you and other savvy business owners to our community and it’s connections. Now let’s get into a bit more detail about community currency and how it works.

Again, spreading information about important topics is part of the BarterFirst International mission. It’s simple! The goal, to educate thousands of our current members and potential new members.

Community Currency by definition according to

“A community currency is a type of complementary currency  (our trade dollars) that has the explicit aim to support and build more equal, connected and sustainable societies. A community currency is designed to be used  by a specific group. 

So check out our community currency  system at BarterFirst International.
We think you just might like what you see.  Wink.

Remember, by using our communities’ currency and network you are using a structured system designed by us at BarterFirst International.
We guarantee you an experience you can trust. 

Have more questions?  No problem. Contact us today and we will get you rolling in making more community connections and of course using our trusted community currency.

Get rolling on acquiring some cool “trade dollars”
or  as some call, community currency.

BarterFirst International hails from the Metro Orlando area
and is ready to get going!

Connect with us today and barter away!

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