Developing a Business Plan that includes an Orlando Barter System

Developing a Business Plan that includes an Orlando Barter System Even the most confident entrepreneur faces the daunting task when launching a new business in Orlando, Florida. Where the business owner envisions the final product, he may be blind to what steps he needs to begin. Where will it be located? How many employees? How […]

Orlando Business Bartering System

Orlando Business Bartering System When putting together a business plan, we recommend that you include bartering as an effective marketing tool.   Other members of your bartering exchange will get exposure to your business that would not otherwise find your business. Not only do other members find your business, but the staff members of the barter […]

Coronavirus Pandemic continues to impact the Economy in many ways

Corona Virus Pandemic Continues to Impact the Economy in many ways! One of the many ways that our economy is being impacted is the rapid increase in popularity of the centuries-old Art of Bartering.  Dating back to the Middle Ages, bartering isn’t exactly new, but “thanks” to an economy battered by the coronavirus, offers to […]

The Return of the Barter Economy

The Return of the Barter Economy A barter system transaction for a small business allows you to earn trade credit. This can further be used for purchasing products from the members of a barter exchange using the accumulated credit.  A barter exchange in a local community is generally comprised of hundreds of small businesses and […]