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BarterFirst International is a worldwide leader in the rapidly growing barter industry. By using a private currency, BarterFirst enables a global community of businesses and individuals to increase their earning and purchasing power. BarterFirst empowers companies and individuals to increase their success by maximizing resources, building new sales channels and saving cash on expenses.

Business to Business Bartering System

At the local level in Orlando, Business to Business Bartering takes on even greater importance and utility. The more concentrated the membership base is, the more appealing it is to join our barter exchange. We deepen local economic activity and help make local businesses stronger.

On a national level, Business to Business Bartering has been used successfully by most Fortune 1000 companies for decades. According to National Association of Trade Exchanges, 65% of companies on the NY Stock Exchange engage in barter.

We set out to revolutionize the way people pay in order to make the communities we serve more efficient and prosperous. For businesses, BarterFirst provides top companies customized financial solutions to help improve and grow their business. By turning underperforming assets and unutilized resources into budgeted cash expenses, BarterFirst gives companies the strategic tool they need to succeed in today’s global marketplace. We offer this same tool to individuals and sole proprietors through our extensive online marketplace, creating the most widely accepted private currency in the world.

Proud Members of The Trade Alliance

Our membership in The Trade Alliance (TTA) allows us to offer you an extended range of services such as hotel accommodations and restaurant script throughout the world.

Excess inventory can include anything from a warehouse full of office supplies, to electronics, to executive gifts, etc. The Trade Alliance Nationwide Network of independent Barter Exchanges allows your company to move excess inventory and provides two key benefits: your company will discover new sales channels, and your company will realize more value than that which it might receive from a liquidator.

The Trade Alliance Network of Barter Exchanges enables companies to sell their excess inventories, often for full wholesale value. Utilizing barter in this way improves the cash flow of your company, since less cash is required to purchase the products and services needed to run your business.


What Makes Us Unique

We are one of the fastest growing Barter Exchanges. This is because of our commitment to service and our dedication to quality as well as quantity. We work with people we like and know they will deliver quality goods and services.

Since our launch we have been a revolutionary leader in the barter industry. BarterFirst is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of our members. By acting as an aggressive financial, service and marketing organization, we keep an on-going awareness of our members’ needs.

If you are interested in learning more about us and would like to talk to one of our professional brokers, please E-mail or call us.   

We are confident that once you find out more, you too will become a member of  BarterFirst International.

What are the benefits of Joining BarterFirst International?

BarterFirst International  is a recognized leader in the barter industry and is the largest barter exchange in the Metro Orlando area.  Barterfirst International provides local businesses with an alternative currency network by using barter dollars instead of cash to handle your transactions.  Barter Systems help business get new customers and save cash while acting as a third-party records keeper, providing their member/clients with monthly statements that reflect all barter purchases, sales and current barter dollar balance. 

A Barter Exchange that has an organized plan will always be able to gain the confidence of a potential member. Experienced exchanges will always be prepared with a relevant list of products or services that will benefit their members. They will also be proactive in identifying possible trading partners that may include their existing customers and business associates. With proper requirements in place, an exchange will be helpful in: 

  • Gathering references on trading partners and will be appropriately prepared before starting any negotiations.
  • Contacting or arranging a meeting with the owner or CEO of a potential business partner.
  • Documenting all the procedures and agreements.
  • Training staff on trading processes.
  • Retaining members every year to ensure continued benefits.

What Our Members Are Saying About Us

You will find that this barter company has always been attentive to my requests and reasonable with there fees. Ralph's and Susan's attention to your business needs are always their #one concern.
Ken Dewey
Orlando’s premier Barter group I have been trading in this group for 15 years. Very happy with every aspect of how this group operates. We Recommend highly to everyone!
Chris Young
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