Health & Beauty Aids - Item #45299  Beauty and Healing Mask

Beauty and Healing Mask

-Reduces late night puffiness/ early morning wake up calls

-Cools the body after sports, workouts or on hot summer days

-Alleviates the pain associated with Migraines

-Provides relief from Sunburn

-Reduces fever/temperature

-Provides a natural alternative to skin firming lotions

-Reduces post surgery swelling

-Pre Botox and filler preparation

-Alleviates burning sensation from laser treatments and chemical peels

-Keeps skin looking firm and refreshed with daily use

-Reduces facial and eye puffiness

-Reduces swelling common with facial and/or oral surgery, as well as sports injury. (Anyone who has had any type of facial surgery will verify the discomfort left when going home and expected to hold bags of peas or ice packs as the most important part of the healing process is to reduce swelling as soon as possible.)

-Alleviates the burning sensation of various medical and cosmetic procedures.

-Relieves oral surgery discomfort.

-Continued use after surgery will help maintain that youthful look by keeping skin firmer refreshed and renewed.

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