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Very often  business marketing and advertising programs work, and then the phone rings. How you treat that phone call is a way to either up-sell or cross-sell a current client or create a new client. Every time your phone rings about business, you paid for that call; don’t blow off the caller with music, a radio station, beeps or silence. If you do, you are losing money. AT&T tells us that 70% of all incoming calls are placed On-Hold and 60% will abandon the call within 30 seconds should you have music, radio, beeps or silence... ergo, lost revenue. 

You can prevent that loss with an On-Hold Message system from HoldMasters. AT&T also tells us that there is a 2 ½  to 5% increase in sales with an On-Hold message and that 12% of the callers will take action on something they heard while holding. Let HoldMasters help you when your business is on the line.

Depending on the phone system anywhere from $895 to $1095 for a single location,



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